What is Santamarghetia Marble?

Santamarghetia Marble is an engineered marble made of approximately 95% natural marble chips and pigments in a thermo set polyester resin matrix.  The natural marble creates elegant colors while maintaining the luxury and beauty inherent of natural stone.  The high tech manufacturing process of vibrocompression under vacuum gives Santamarghetia Marble strength, consistency and durability not found in natural stone.

Can Santamarghetia Marble be installed in a kitchen?

Natural marble can etch if it comes in contact with acids.  Since Santamarghetia Marble is made of 95% natural marble, it too, can etch. Common acidic foods found in a kitchen are: tomatoes, grapefruit, oranges, wine, spaghetti sauce,  BBQ sauce, etc.  For this reason, we do not recommend the use of natural marble nor Santamarghetia Marble on kitchen counter tops.  Quartz or natural granite are both materials better suited for the kitchen.