Stone Finishes

There are many different types of stone available today. When stone is ordered, it is fabricated with a particular type of surface. There are six main types of surfaces that are selected:


polished finish granite

This surface is very smooth and not very porous. The reflectivity of polished crystals brings out the brilliant colors and grains of natural stone. The shine comes from the natural reflection of the stone’s crystals. The polish is provided by polishing bricks and polishing powders that are used during fabrication. The shine is not from a coating.


Honed Finish Granite

Provides a flat to low sheen gloss. This surface is very smooth, but often very porous. Honed stone colors are not as vibrant as a polished stone. A honed surface finish is a SMOOTH surface without reflection. From a matte like appearance to a low sheen. The finish remains flatter than a full gloss polish. It’s definitely not super shiny and there’s very little, if any reflection at all.

Flamed stone

flamed finish

is produced by applying blowtorch-strength heat to the surface of granite, which actually pops some of the crystals and creates a deeply textured surface. Flamed granite is ideal for use outside and can also be used for dramatic effect as an accent material in a polished granite floor. In addition to its rough beauty, flamed granite has a highly textured surface, which gives it a very non-slip surface, ideal in an exterior installation where water might create a hazard, or where slip resistance is a concern.


leathered finish granite

A leather finish is smooth and soft and appears slightly more polished than a honed finish, but with a slight texture. Leather finish offers muted stone color and introduces slight textural activity in the stone surface.

Antiqued Finish

An antique finish can be defined as a brush, slightly textured finished with a dull appearance. Antique finish replicates a distressed or aged appearance on the stone surface and will vary depending upon the stone type selected.