Stone Finishes

We carry four different types of finishes for natural stones:

1) Polished   

polished finish granite

This surface is very smooth, and its shine provides that elegant, timeless look.

2) Honed

Honed Finish Granite

Provides a flat to low sheen gloss. This surface is very smooth. Honed stone colors are not as vibrant as a polished stone. A honed surface finish is a SMOOTH surface without reflection. From a matte like appearance to a low sheen. The finish remains flatter than a full gloss polish. It’s definitely not super shiny and there’s very little, if any reflection at all.

3) Flamed stone

flamed finish

This is produced by applying blowtorch-strength heat to the surface of granite, which actually pops some of the crystals and creates a deeply textured surface. Flamed granite is ideal for use outside and can also be used for dramatic effect as an accent material in a polished granite floor. In addition to its rough beauty, flamed granite has a highly textured surface, which gives it a very non-slip surface, ideal in an exterior installation where water might create a hazard, or where slip resistance is a concern.

4) Leather

leathered finish granite

A leather finish is smooth and soft and appears slightly more polished than a honed finish, but with a slight texture. Leather finish offers muted stone color and introduces slight textural activity in the stone surface.