The Slab Selection Process

Who we are?
Welcome to StoneMart Marble Granite! We are a distributor of natural granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite. While visiting our warehouse you can expect to see a large variety and great selection of colors and variations.

What to expect and how the process works when arriving to the warehouse?
When you are ready, we will give you a full guided tour, and explain to you how we work.
If you are coming to see a specific color let the Customer Service Representative know so they can take you directly to those pieces.

Before coming recommended to get:
Piece of sample cabinet, Template quotation, Cameras to take pictures, Wall Paint Sample, Picture of Kitchen on your mobile can be helpful to visualize.

Upon Arrival we will ask you some important questions such as:·
Who is you fabricator that  referred you to us? ·
Who are you mainly working with at this company?
Estimated time for project,  as we have a new hold policy for stones.
What is the group range you are looking at?
If any shades you have in mind?

All of this information will help us better communicate and serve our customers’ needs for their projects.

Questions to be asked to fabricator:-
How many slabs will I  need?
How big is the kitchen size and what is the total amount of squarefeet needed?
What are your sink requirements?
How long it will take the fabricator to install?
When is the install date?
Any questions about sealing  or seams and cleaning, maintenance and  other concerns about quality.

Are any appointments needed to view the stones in the back?

For Rochester Location:
Upon selection of final material we will:-
Set up an appointment with 24 hour notice to move a lot of stones for you to view and choose the final stone.

For Columbus Location:
No appointment necessary to view the stone.
How long can you hold your stones?
StoneMart will place a 14 day hold on the material(s) you chose (if available).
Only if sure put it on hold as it blocks the sale to other homeowners.
Otherwise will be strictly released and given to other customers.
Thank you and enjoy your visit. We hope to make the slab selection process easy and enjoyable.

Please fill in the customer survey online or on the way out to help you serve better.