Before You Begin

Safety Policy: – 

  • Pets / Children under the age of 12 / Infants are “NOT” recommended however they can be left in play area while selecting your granite
  • While walking inside please be cautious of the machine movement and the A-Frames.
  • Do not leave children alone near the slabs or near the truck areas

What to Bring: –

  • A Camera to take photos of the colors you like.
  • Cabinet / Tile / Paint Color / Backsplash to match perfectly as you go around.
  • Come with a friend or family member who can help you suggest in colors while our staff can also help

Questions to ask your Fabricator before arriving: –

  • How many slabs will I  need?
  • How big is the kitchen size and what is the total amount of square feet needed?
  • What are your sink requirements?
  • How long it will take the fabricator to install?
  • When is the install date?
  • Any questions about sealing  or seams and cleaning, maintenance and  other concerns about quality.

Upon arrival we will ask you some important questions such as:·

  • Who is you fabricator that  referred you to us?
  • Who are you mainly working with at this company?
  • Estimated time for project,  as we have a new hold policy for stones.
  • What is the group range you are looking at?
  • If any shades you have in mind?

Our Hold Policy:-

  • StoneMart will place  a slab on  hold only for  14 days hold on the material(s) you chose (if available).
  • Please be sure of the install date.
  • Also only reserve as required; do not put many colors on hold
  • We will be in touch with your fabricator / designer / contractor constantly as required.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for any information you may require.